More Capable Public Resource Managers

The third output deals with the capacity building aspect of the Fiscal Management Efficiency Project (FMEP). The proposed introduction of ITMIS are necessary but not sufficient conditions for achieving the objective of improving sustainability as the skills and knowledge of public managers are the key link in the bid to improve systemic efficiencies. Accordingly, capacity development relevant government officials working at MOFP and in certain other agencies under the purview of MOFP, as well as the Western Provincial Council, will not only be provided comprehensive training on ITMIS but they will also benefit from exposure to organizational systems and best practices in different aspects of revenue administration in other jurisdictions. The activities would also include strengthening of in-house training infrastructure for routine operational training.

The coverage of this output will be as follows: (i) undertake basic IT training for relevant organizations in advance of installation and operation of ITMIS; (ii) initiate advanced ITMIS training for identified revenue administration officials and public expenditure management officials, as well as management information system users in MOFP and provincial tax and expenditure administration officials; (iii) strengthen institutional links with international training organizations for specialized courses in high-skill areas, and ensure that external training courses are designed with training institutes elsewhere; (iv) ensure knowledge enhancement in the area of revenue administration as well as public expenditure management, which includes increasing (to the extent possible) gender-analytical capability and gender-budgeting awareness and commitment of government staff members; and (v) strengthen in-house training infrastructure for routine operational training by procuring facilities.

The beneficiary departments and agencies under external training will include  Treasury related departments of MOFP such as Department of National Budget, Department of Treasury Operations, Department of State Accounts, Department of Fiscal Policy, Department of Management Audit, Department Public Enterprises, and Department of Public Finance as well as the project management unit (PMU). Respective heads of the departments will ensure that the skills of the trained staff are utilized appropriately.