Integrated Treasury Management Information System

The introduction of an Integrated Treasury Management Information System which will automate key departments of the Treasury/Ministry of Finance and will cut across various functions of general treasury activities ensuring proper and effective management in revenue administration and integrated treasury operations.

Adoption of Information and Communication technologies has been a key element of fiscal management reforms undertaken by the nations worldwide as it offers effective means of managing the public funds. Government of Sri Lanka has already made good efforts in leveraging ICT in government financial management and has implemented several systems to cater to the specific requirements of certain functions of MoFP.
Most of these systems have been developed in 2-tier architecture and the technologies used for development of these systems have become obsolete now. The table below presents an overview of existing information systems used by MoFP and spending units for financial management and reporting.

S. No. Name of
Users Brief Description
1 Budget Formulation
System (BFS)
National Budget Department, MoF The system is used for capturing the data from the budget proposals manually received from the spending/accounting units across the country, consolidation of budget estimates, printing of budget book and maintenance of approved budget data.
2 Treasury Financial
Management System
Treasury Operations
Department, MoF
This system is used for treasury operations. The system is used for preparing cash
transfer instructions, recording the data related to cash in-flows and out flows from
the treasury and is used for preparation of the treasury accounts.
3 Computerised
Integrated Government
Accounting System
All Ministries This a standalone system used by all the government offices for recording revenue
and expenditure details. This system is used for recording transaction details after the transaction has occurred. It is not a workflow based system.
4 Treasury Computerized
Information System
State Accounting Department ,
This system is used for consolidating country-wide expenditure and revenue data.
The summary of the accounting reports generated from the CIGAS are submitted by
the spending units to Accounts Department, which are uploaded into this system for
consolidation of the accounts.
5 Government Payroll
System (GPS)
Only Ministry of Fianance This is a standalone payroll generation system that is being used by all the departments.

The above referred existing systems are developed and deployed on a standalone basis, leaving minimal scope for effective information exchange among the stakeholders.
These standalone systems are also leading to significant efforts on a day to day basis for sharing of information among the stakeholders.
Proposed ITMIS initiative is aimed towards establishment of a single and integrated information system to cater to the entire lifecycle of Government financial management in the country covering (i) planning, (ii) budgeting, (iii) expenditure and revenue management, (iv) auditing and reporting, (v) debt reporting etc.

The key functions of the MoFP and spending units that are proposed to be IT-enabled with the implementation of ITMIS include the following:
a. Budget Management
b. Commitment Management
c. Imprest Release (Treasury fund release)
d. Receipts Management
e. Payment Management
f. Payroll Management *
g. Debt Management **
h. Cash Management
i. General Ledger
j. Fiscal Reporting
k. Internal Audit Management
l. Cadre Information Management
m. Court Case Tracking Management***
n. Asset Management
* Payroll management system is to be implemented only for the Staff of MoF
** There are already systems existing in Government for pension and debt management and these systems will be continued post ITMIS implementation. ITMIS is only required to interface with these existing information to extract relevant information for fiscal reporting and other related activities.
*** to be implemented only for MoF